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*What Is ACF certification?

American Culinary Federation (ACF) certification is a symbol of professionalism and a guide by which any culinarian can shape his or her career. It is an ideal ladder for career advancement. Certification is open to all culinarians, including chefs, cooks, bakers, culinary educators, and administrators. There are 14 levels of certification which require specific qualifications, in addition to knowledge of culinary nutrition, food safety and sanitation, and culinary supervisory management.

*What ACF certification means:

-It demonstrates to the industry that a chef has the initiative to take charge of their professional development and career.

-It provides concrete markers of skill development and culinary expertise.

-It verifies that professional chefs and cooks have the knowledge and skill required for elevated culinary positions.

-It reassures consumers that the food they eat is safe and prepared to the highest standards.

-ACF Certification doesn’t just say “I can”; it’s says “I did”

*And the BEST reasons to Certify:

Jobs!  And the skill level that your place of employment can display to their clients, employees and business.  Certified ACF personnel can display the ACF logo and certification level on their resume, business cards, electronic communications and place of employment.  This will always give the ACF Certified candidate a ‘leg up’ on the competition.  With the ever rising number of venues looking for the ACF Certification you will find yourself on the fast track up the career ladder. 


Below are current ACF Certified Members ready to help you.

Chef Michael Chapman, CCC

Chef Robin Holmes, CEC

Chef Eric Karvonen, CEC

Chef Chris Kibit, CCE , CHE

Chef Nathan Mileski, CEC

Chef Jeremy Pomeroy, CEC

Chef John Romps, CCC

Chef James Smiljanich, CSC

Chef Christopher Sturzl, CEC, CCE, CSCE

Chef Tom Wahlstrom, CEC

Chef Chad Wellman, CEC


Contact Us!

Chef James Smiljanich CSC
Chef Chris Sturzl CEC, CCE, CSCE


For more information on the requirements for ACF certification, visit or call the ACF national office at (800) 624-9458.